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The Therapy Institute provides a broad range of pediatric and family occupational therapy services.  Evaluations, family education,  screenings, and consultations, are but a few services we offer. Whether at our clinic, at home, or in school......we are always there for you.

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The Therapy Institute Home/Clinic Services


Whether concerns are seen at home, on the playground, or at school, we are dedicated to finding the root of the issue.  We perform services/evaluations in multiple settings where we can observe how the child performs outside of a therapeutic setting or clinic. Let us come to you.  We strive to provide REAL world therapy for REAL world kids.

The Therapy Institute School Services
- All Evaluations completed within 10 days of  request!
- Staff Training (free with evaluation)
- Home program development for parents included with each evaluation
The Therapy Institute


Knowledge is power. This statement is especially true when it comes to parents, teachers, and educational professionals.  Knowing the full aspects of varied diagnosis, conditions, environmental adjustments, adaptive equipment use, home modification, etc., can truly make a huge difference in the way one cares for another and their continuous physical, mental,  and emotional health.  Because of this we are making online education a true possibility. 

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