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The Therapy Institute's Home/Clinic Services

Screenings...Consultations...Evaluations...Treatment...and MORE


An infant screening may be requested when you are wondering if your baby's progress is on track or if you have general concerns about your child's (any age) functional performance.  We will identify and investigate parent or professional concerns and will provide parents with feedback on their child's development. Home activities and referrals will be given, as appropriate.


A consultation provides a quick way to obtain ideas on how a family can begin to help their child. It is not a comprehensive evaluation and does not include a written report. The focus is to determine the most obvious needs and provide ideas for a home program. This option may also be helpful if there will be a delay in our availability to provide more comprehensive or ongoing services.

Assessment of your child may include a combination of parent report of the child's history, review of records, clinical observations and standardized and normed testing.


Areas assessed may include:

  • Neurodevelopmental status and reflex maturation

  • Sensory processing and sensory defensiveness

  • Motor planning

  • Daily living skills

  • Gross and fine motor development

  • Visual-motor integration

  • Visual perception

  • Executive Functional Skills

  • Feeding/eating


A variety of evaluation tools are available for children of various ages and needs.

An evaluation identifies the factors contributing to the functional difficulties the child is experiencing, allowing intervention to address the underlying problem(s). Recommendations are made on how to address the issues and may range from suggestions for at-home strategies and activities to in-clinic professional intervention.

If your child has received an occupational therapy assessment from another facility, please provide us with a copy. After reviewing the report, an occupational therapist can let you know if that assessment will be sufficient for moving directly into treatment.

Individual therapy is designed to address and remediate those deficit areas and the accompanying functional skills identified during an evaluation. Therapy involves a variety of engaging therapeutic interventions and strategies, with suggestions for ways that your child’s progress can be supported at home. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. The duration of treatment varies according to the identified difficulties, the individual’s neurological system, and the family’s ability to carry out supplemental therapy activities at home.

On Time Pediatrics uses a child-centered approach. Many of our young clients benefit from learning to make a plan for the session using photos or “writing” a list. When developmentally able, the child is involved in making choices (which can be non-verbal) about therapy activities. This empowers the child and helps to increase the engagement and motivation of the child in the therapeutic process. Simultaneously, the therapist adapts the activity to achieve the “just right” challenge for that child.


Additional Services(as needed, or upon request)


  • Consultation with parents, educators, and other professionals

  • Written reports for parents, schools, physicians, and agencies

  • Presentations to parent and community groups

  • Referrals to other professionals and programs

  • Suggestions for resources related to a specific topic


Happy Clients 😁

“I have tried other occupational therapy providers and I can truly say that On Time Pediatrics is the best.  The time and dedication that they showed my son was amazing and productive.”​


- J. McBride, Mother of 2











“Dr. Covington and his staff are a God send.  It was extremely hard for me to get to a clinic in the afternoon with my twins.  A home program was arranged and On Time Pediatrics came to our home.”

- D. Higgins, Father of 3















"My 11 year old daughter was denied services at her school.  I did not agree with the findings of the occupational therapist that worked with my child so I asked for another occupational therapy evaluation.  On Time Pediatrics completed the evaluation at my home and at the school.  Their thoroughness is outstanding and now my daughter receives full OT services."


- A. Ledbetter, Mother



“Being a single mother is a hard job.  Being a single mother with a child that you feel is not developing along with his classmates is even harder.  On Time Pediatric's professionalism and client centered philosophy was assuring.  They were there whenever I needed them and always attentive to my concerns.”

- H. Abramowitz, Mother of 2


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