The "OT Genius Box" was derived as a cost saving effort in order to allow children to work from home either directed by their occupational therapist or by their parents. As online OT sessions became the new normal, many practicing occupational therapists realized that no two students homes were alike.  There was no real "common items" that could be found in every child's home.  Some factors that affected which items were found in the home included; location, season/time of year, socioeconomic status, and the family's culture.  With these factors in mind, we set out to truly make a change and allow for occupational therapists and parents to be able to:

  • Have a common set of cost effective therapeutic tools/activities, that could last throughout the academic year, that would allow for directed sessions toward established occupational therapy goals/developmentally age appropriate functioning.  

  • Once returning to school, to have students with their own personal bin of therapeutic activities in order to hinder the spread of the coronavirus.

  • In scenarios when a child is unable to participate in occupational therapy (i.e. did not qualify), or parents are concerned with developmental delays that they have noticed, or the desire to better areas where a parent/occupational therapist may have noticed delays, we wanted to provide a refuge.  This refuge is in the form of online step-by-step video sessions, hosted by an expert in pediatric occupational therapy, Dr. Frederick Covington.

Through utilization of the vast array of therapeutic tools/materials included within the "OT Genius Box", these sessions will focus on a number of skills including; fine motor, sensory integration, coordination, visual perception, motor planning, executive function, handwriting, and more.  So pull out your "OT Genius Box" and lets get started!